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Caution! This game is only for advanced riddlers. For all other people, this game can easily become a struggle.

So only for those who think this game is way to easy:  Matrix Brain Twister

What is this game about:

In this puzzle game you have to solve the 3D matrix by filling all fields with the same color. By pressing one field, the field itself and it's vertical and horizontal neighbours will change their color. So this is not a "Rubic's cube", there are no rotations required.

What is in this game:

In this game you can create random 3D matrices with a size of 2x2 up to 10x10 fields and also with 2-6 different colors. This means you can make it yourself very easy or absolutely impossible to solve. You can also choose between 4 different matrix styles (Retro, Stone, Eye, Glass).

How does the control work:

As it is designed for a mobile game, the controls are fairly simple. Just click with the left mouse button the fields of the matrix. To rotate the matrix, click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse. Zoom by using the mouse wheel.

For what platforms will it be released:

This game is in beta state and only available for PC/Max/Linux until now. But it will be later released for Android devices.

What you can do for us (voluntary):

If you find some bugs or have ideas to make this game better, feel free to write a comment.

Have fun!


Matrix Brain Twister 3D.zip 30 MB

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