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Matrix Brain Twister is a puzzle game, where you have to solve matrices by filling all blocks with the same color. If a block is clicked, the block itself and its horizontal and vertical neighbours will change their color instead of a rotation like the Rubic's Cube. The matrix is solved, if all blocks are filled with the same color, except white.

This is a very simple game mechanic, but can lead to very difficult riddles. True to the motto: Easy to learn, hard to master.



  • 2D, 3D and 4D matrices
  • Several matrix formats like: 2D (Hourglass, Skull, Star, etc.), 3D (Octahedron, Pyramid, Sphere, etc.), 4D (Hypecube, Pentachoron, Octaplex, etc.)
  • 600 handcrafted levels which varies from easy to hard difficulty
  • Random levels can be generated for your own fun and you can change them in dimension, format, size and colors
  • Solve all handcrafted riddles to not only get achievements, but also to be at the top of the leaderboard
  • Create your own feel-good atmosphere by choosing between different backgrounds, effects, light moods, block styles, music and atmosphere sounds



You can test other free outdated versions of this game. This gives you an opportunity to see, if you like this type of game.



Feel free to visit the Steam forum to tell us about your feedback, occurring bugs, feature requests or any idea you have in mind. We try to add every useful requested feature by the community and definitely fix all reported bugs.



May the riddle fun be with you!


Matrix Brain Twister - Steam

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