A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This demo scene was created by Unity and is showcasing a maching learning algorithm, which is used for the corgi movement. Here is the link to the Unity page.

I only did some small changes and build it across all kinds of platforms, so that you don't have to download and work with the Unity Editor to experience these cute little doggos.

The changes I made are:

  • Added some funny music. (Livin' In The Sunshine, Chicken On The Rocks)
  • Rearranged the free roam space and the invisible walls, so that you can not YEEET the stick into oblivion.
  • What is even more cute than one corgi? Two corgis!

So have fun with them!


Puppo The Corgi (x64).zip 46 MB
Puppo The Corgi (Linux).zip 60 MB
Puppo The Corgi (MacOS).zip 54 MB
Puppo The Corgi.apk 59 MB


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aaaammmm my bone dissapered and corgi danced on bush

That sounds funny. You don't have a screenshot or a small video of it, don't you.


i think stick not bone and i was not recording

Okay. It's a pity.

The game is great.
There are questions. How did you make two corgis?


That's easy, if you use the project which Unity provides. Just copy the corgi prefab and its essential scriptable objects. Then copy and change the material as you like.

The machine learning code should work for both. Perhaps you have to correct some errors which occur. 


very dog