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Hello Community,

in this puzzle game you have to solve the matrices by filling all areas with one color by touching one field. The touched area and it's horizontal and vertical neighbours will change their color. If all fields are filled with the same active color, the level is cleared.

There are 3 different difficulties:
• Easy - only 1 active color
• Normal - 2 different active colors
• Hard - 3 different active colors

And also 4 different matrix sizes:
• 3x3 Matrix
• 4x4 Matrix
• 5x5 Matrix
• Skull Matrix (v1.2)

All in all you have 120 levels to solve, 360 stars to collect and 16 achievements to fulfill. I also proved by myself that all levels are solvable. Even if you will sometimes think they are not.

Have Fun!

The music in this app is from "www.zapsplat.com" and free from copyright.

If you find some bugs or have ideas to make the app better, feel free to write a comment. The best ideas will be added on the list below.


Matrix Brain Twister

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