Hello Community,

this one is an early build. So it's not much content, but the game is working and with friends it can be already fun.

It is basically a "Play Tag" game. The catcher tries to catch the other players and if he hit them, the hitted player becomes the new catcher. As long as you're the catcher you lose life points. You can also lose life points by hitting the red spike ball. The last player with life points left is the winner.

You can also run through the level edges and the cornerstones are springs which will bounce you back.

At this moment the AI is not really an 'AI'. We will add our own developed AI in a later build. This means they will stuck sometimes. If you choose more than one catcher, then it will happen more often.

What can you do:

  • play local with up to 8 player (controllers or joysticks only)
  • keyboard only useable if you play alone and as red player, otherwise you need 2 controllers or more
  • all non players will be controlled by the 'AI'
  • choose who is the starting catcher or set more than one as a catcher
  • press 'R' to restart the game

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