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Hello Community,

this one is an early-alpha version. Only the basic mechanic, small reward/highscore system, purchaseable ships, upgrades and items and also the AI in "AI test mode" are implemented. Due to major changes in game mechanic it is possible that you will lose your progress with any new updates. We try to avoid it, but as an alpha it is still possible.

Feel free to report any bugs or suggest us your ideas to improve this game.   


Created with Unity and uses the very basic code from this Unity tutorial: "https://unity3d.com/de/learn/tutorials/s/space-shooter-tutorial"

Planet and space background texture from real topographics. (tweaked a little bit)

Models created with: "Google Blocks"

Sounds and Music from: "www.zapsplat.com"

More complex script code and AI done by ourselves.


Arcade Universe

Also available on

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