A downloadable game for Windows


This game is in an early prototype status. Therefore a lot of gameplay features, graphics and animations are missing.

However the smallest economy cycle is already integrated (build -> recruit -> gather -> sell -> repeat).


The easiest way to describe this medieval fantasy game is to compare it with others. It will be a 2D building strategy game like "Fallout Shelter" but combined with tactical combat like in "Darkest Dungeon".

The main focus is to build your own citadel. Build a lot of different rooms, recruit peasants which will work for you, gather resources and craft items, buy and sell from itinerant traders to create a sustainable economy cycle.

The second part is to train your peasants stats and professions to send them to quests and dungeons. Loot and level are the keywords here. This part is missing completely yet.

Voluntary: What can you already test?

Building logic:

  • Does the building menu work?
  • Does the construction behave as you would expect?
  • Can you upgrade and demolish room?
  • Can you build multiple floors?

Peasant logic:

  • Can you recruit incoming peasants?
  • Can you send them to rooms in which they should do their work?
  • Do peasants lose life if you don't have enough food and/or water? Do they heal if you have enough?
  • Does the pathfinding works even for multiple floors and multiple stairwells?
  • Try to construct a chaotic citadel and figure out, if the peasants can reach all rooms.

Trader logic:

  • Does a trader appears after you build your first storage?
  • Can you trade with his and your resources (buy/sell)?
  • Do you actually get the bought resources or coins from him after accepting the deal?

You can answer my art question, which you see on the screenshot, here on GameJolt.

What is planned?

  • add for all rooms their functionalities
  • create more items to craft/sell/buy
  • create different wealth types for traders (poor, average, wealthy, rich)
  • create different trader types (arms dealer for weapons and armor, groceries, alchemy with potions and ingredients, etc.)
  • add one by one the graphic assets
  • create the tactic combat and with it a quest system where people come by and ask for help
  • create dungeons where you send a party of 4 peasants to loot
  • save/load
  • options menu
  • and more I can't think of yet


If you find some bugs or want to tell me any ideas you have, leave me a comment.

You find more games here: cleverai.itch.io

Thank you very much!


Citadel Keeper (Version 20210714).zip 35 MB